Nightflight welcomes John Talabot this October

John Talabot is a relatively new name on the house music circuit, first conceived by Barcelona born Oriol Riverola Soto back in 2008. However, a couple of stand out productions and remixes over the last two years have made people sit up and take notice of the Catalan native.

Having started out under another moniker producing techno records, he prefers now to be known for the music that he produces as John Talabot.

The first Talabot release came out back in 2009 after he had quit his residency at one of the top Barcelona clubs, which gave him time and space to develop the John Talabot sound. Bored of the records he was buying and playing out every week at the club, he started making the music that he wanted to play as a DJ, with more analogue and raw percussive sounds. This was the music that made him feel excited again. In a recent interview with Resident Advisor he said that at last he now feels that his music has an identity that he is proud of.

Talabot’s music is hard to pigeonhole, while part of the new sound emerging in house music, his productions, being so detailed, definitely have their own unique identity and all the time hold their origins in classic house music. While some try categorise his music as part of the nu-disco, balearic or even deep house sound, there is something about the intensity of each of the tracks that set them apart from the rest.

A wizard of the sample, Talabot manages to create a tapestry of sounds in each track which are colourful and pulsating, while always backed with hard-edged drums to guarantee rawness to his sound. He has managed to include samples from unusual records along the way, such as flamenco and northern soul, giving them a new lease of life with a modern dancefloor slant. He claimed when recently interviewed by Juno that he liked the way northern soul producers distorted sounds, working with one snare on the right side, and one clap on the left to get this really punchy sound; a sound that he himself has incorporated into his music.

The stand out John Talabot productions would have to be his debut smasher ‘Sunshine’, his EP’s on Permanent Vacation, ‘My Old School’ and Matilda’s Dream and his EP ‘Families for hip UK label, Young Turks, home to the XX. One to watch out for is his debut LP which is due out on Permanent Vacation very shortly, which will feature collaborations with Delorean and Pional among others.

While no slouch on remixing either, this could be what has brought his name to the attention of most, with blistering remixes of tracks for Indie cross over acts like, locals Delorean, Glasser, The XX, Teengirl Fantasy and Shit Robot. Again in his Juno interview he claims that he is inundated with requests for remixes and he has had to become more choosey about the tracks that he takes on. There are a couple of remixes in the pipeline, and one from Joakim, which again is about to drop in the next few weeks.

Talabot has also built a name as a DJ of some repute, securing many festival slots in 2011, perhaps the pick of the bunch was headlining the Pitchfork stage in his home town at Primavera Sound in May. He also wowed the crowd at this years Electric Picnic on the Saturday night in the Body and Soul area, playing loops live and layering records perfectly over one another.

John Talabot plays his debut club gig in Ireland for Nightflight in the Twisted Pepper on October 22nd. Also on the bill is modern Disco hero, Daniel Wang. More info on this very soon.

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